I was always parking too close or not close enough. And backing out of the garage was always a challenge. Thank you whoever invented Park On A Dime, you have made my days easier and safer.

- Ms. P.K.

Took several drives in and out of the garage to get the feel of it but within fifteen minutes I got it. I got better every time and within several days, I was whisking in and out very easily and very safely. Amazing how accurate it is. It’s really good. Thanks!

- J.U. Palatine, IL

I used to try to line up my car with something on the wall. But it was never really right. Now, I just follow your “guidepath” and, as you said, it will “Park On A Dime” –and it does.

- S.G., Nashville, TN

As a woman, backing out of the garage always made me nervous. Now it’s so simple, so easy and so safe to park right.

- C.Z., Rolling Meadows, IL

I thought the “tennis ball” was doing the job but all it did was to stop the car. That’s good but it did almost nothing for, in my opinion, the greater problem-parking too far too the left or right and getting squeezed getting out. And it was zero help in backing out of the garage. Park On A Dime does it all; it’s really a great product. Thanks.

- E.S, Skillman, NJ

Bought it for my wife. She says it makes parking far less worrisome for her. I can see the improvement in where she parks and (since I’m not perfect)I am ordering one for myself so both of us will be parked where we belong and we won’t be fussing with each other. That will be a good thing

- G.G. Detroit, MI