How It Works


The Navigator easily snaps onto the windshield inside the car. Press its button and it transmits a beam directly ahead, showing the car’s position (just like your headlight beams). The beam shows on the Guidepath, posted to the back of the garage wall.


The Guidepath shows the car’s changing position exactly as you gently steer along the yellow guide path. Once the beam strikes the target, YOU ARE PARKED PERFECTLY.

Installing Park On A Dime

Easy install. Requires no electric cords, wires or power outlets. No need for ladders, drills or screwdrivers. Park On A Dime is a high quality product that produces amazing results when properly installed. It requires approximately 15-20 minutes to install. To achieve the level of accuracy you wish, please follow the detailed instructions that accompany the product carefully and sequentially; no short cuts. 1. Snap the laser Navigator to the inside windshield. 2. Tape the Guidepath to the back wall 3. Aim the laser at the Guidepath and lock it in to synch the Navigator to the Guidepath. 4. You should be good to go.