What Park On A Dime Can Do

Imagine! This new, laser parking aid technology actually guides your car to 1.5 inches from your perfect parking spot for front, trunk and wall protection ..every time.

It, truly, also guides your car SIDEWAYS! You’ll never risk “dinging” your doors,or damaging a garage wall again.  

And more!! Our revolutionary garage parking aid also guides you OUT OF THE GARAGE “straight as an arrow”; no “stress”.  No other laser parking system can do these things.

No more “tennis balls” or trying to follow a jumping dot across your windshield.

Men say it’s “faster and more accurate”; women say it’s “safer”.

You and your partner won’t ever again be “squeezed” by your car door because you garage parked too close to the wall.

Park On A Dime is the most advanced laser garage parking system technology.

Only Park On a dime eliminates all of these risks

Front and Rear

Front and Rear

Failing to stop in time will damage your vehicle and the back of the garage. Stopping too soon may cause the garage door to crunch your trunk or scrape your bumper.
Side to side

Side to side

Parking too close to the side can ding the door and cause “squeezing” when exiting the vehicle.

One “SQUEEZE” She Won’t Like

Parking too far to the other side may cause damage to the other vehicle’s door or wall and will definitely not please your spouse.

But Park On A Dime does even MORE!

Yes! When you leave your garage, you will back out straight as an arrow.

  • No more worrying about scratching your fenders
  • or clipping the side view mirror on the garage door
  • or damaging the shrubs outside of the garage
  • You will be safe, comfortable and confident
Drive way

Backing out: This short video shows the driver confidently backing out of the garage ‘straight as an arrow’ in just 15 seconds. Would this be useful to you?

  • Just open the garage door, make certain that there is no obstacle behind your vehicle; press the Park On A Dime button.
  • The laser dot shows on the GuidePath (on the wall) target.
  • Begin backing out and simply follow the red laser light as it rises on the Guidepath yellow line “straight as an arrow”.
  • You are out of the garage without ever risking a sideview mirror or bush.

Let Park On A Dime lower the stress!

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