About Us

Park On A Dime

Inspired by Navy Landing System

Recovering aircraft aboard Navy aircraft carriers has always been dangerous and stressful. You may have seen photos of the Landing Signal Officer guiding the stressed aviator to safe recovery with his waving paddles.

Today, advanced optical systems provide the pilot himself with the visual, real time information to achieve much safer landings. Airline pilots use similar systems to follow established flight paths from miles away to land exactly where they should.

Park On A Dime is proud to bring you its revolutionary system that provides instantaneous, real time, visual info to easily allow the driver to make simple, self correcting steering adjustments on its GuidePath to park in exactly the correct, ‘perfect parking spot’ …every time.

Park On A Dime, LLC

An American, veteran owned corporation located at 733 Bentley Naples, FL 34110. Park On A Dime is designed and shipped directly from the USA.

We thank you for your patronage.

Bob Griffith, President