What Park On A Dime will do for YOU

But Park On A Dime does even MORE!

Yes! When you leave your garage, you will back out straight as an arrow.

  • No more worrying about scratching your fenders
  • or clipping the side view mirror on the garage door
  • or damaging the shrubs outside of the garage
  • You will be safe, comfortable and confident
Drive way

Backing out: This short video shows the driver confidently backing out of the garage ‘straight as an arrow’ in just 15 seconds. Would this be useful to you?

  • Just open the garage door, make certain that there is no obstacle behind your vehicle; press the Park On A Dime button.
  • The laser dot shows on the GuidePath (on the wall) target.
  • Begin backing out and simply follow the red laser light as it rises on the Guidepath yellow line “straight as an arrow”.
  • You are out of the garage without ever risking a sideview mirror or bush.

Let Park On A Dime lower the stress!